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Cromwell Consultancy’s work is driven by customer needs
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We work on individual basis providing bespoke solutions. All our flexible and best practice solutions are extensive research and practice-based, where we are able to use our considerable educational knowledge, skills and practical experience for desired outcomes.

  • We listen
  • We observe
  • We gather data
  • We assess accurately
  • We engage with clients in a collaborative way
  • We transfer knowledge for sustainable success
  • We are committed to delivering value at competitive rates

Using proven and evidence-based methods, the outcomes of our interventions are long-term and self-developing for our clients’ future success.


Assessment without Levels


DfE statement:

We have accepted the Expert Panel’s recommendation to remove level descriptors from the national curriculum and not replace them. This is because we agreed that levels have become too abstract and don’t give meaningful information about performance, nor give pupils information about how to improve. Levels have distracted from real feedback, the criteria are ambiguous and require teachers to decide how to weigh a huge array of factors. Beyond the tests at KS 2 and GCSE, it will be for schools to decide how they assess pupils’ progress.


Schools will be able to introduce their own approaches to formative assessment, to support pupil attainment and progression.

The assessment framework should be built into the school curriculum.

Assessment without Levels

Assessing without levels gives schools the freedom and opportunity to re-claim teacher assessment and focus on building their learning cultures. Schools will have the freedom to decide what skills and competencies are important to their settings and school populations..

Schools should identify assessment leads and appropriate training.