Cromwell Consulting Ltd.
Cromwell Consulting Ltd.


Areas of work


  • School and department reviews
  • Pre-inspection advice
  • Developing teaching and learning, including assessment
  • Assessment for Learning implementation
  • Advice on tracking of pupils' progress
  • Curriculum development 
  • Inspection preparation
  • Safeguarding audits
  • Consultations on managing change 
  • Leadership development and coaching for
    improved performance
  • Performance evaluation
  • Advice on strategic school development
  • Facilitating policy development and effective implementation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Lesson observations and feedback
  • Advice on school marketing
  • Staff performance management and staffing reviews
  • Training and coaching
  • Conference presentations
  • Advice to parents on school choices and exam preparation
  • Linking families abroad with best-fit schools in the UK




Forms of solution focused work


Cromwell Consulting Ltd. offer flexible solutions to their consultancy work with institutions and parents. Examples of advisory work include:


  • Telephone consultations
  • Half-day and full day
    training sessions or workshops
  • Fixed term project work on site
  • Presentations
  • Pre-arranged focused discussions
  • Skype conferencing
  • Inspection visits
  • Observations
  • Assessments and evaluations
  • Engagement with recruitment
    processes, including search and interviews
  • Research and data gathering
  • Reports